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Lenco thinks that it, as consumer electronics manufacturer, plays a significant role in the field of sustainability and the social relevance of its actions. Because of that, Lenco always tries to use environmental friendly components in its products and it also takes recyclability at the end of a product’s life into account. Lenco applies ‘Eco Design’ to many products, which means that batteries for example, after completion of the service life can be removed separately from the product and disposed of responsibly. But also by striving to install technologies that make it possible to minimize energy consumption in both standby as well as operation mode.

In addition, factories, without exceptions, are regularly being visited by Lenco inspectors. During these inspections explicit detail is given to the working conditions at that location, but also to the local employee’s applicable social working conditions and safety concerns. Lenco unreservedly distances itself from any form of child labor; Child labor is not tolerated by Lenco.