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Thanks to the fact that Lenco designs its own products (both in terms of design as well as built-in-technology) and produces them under its own direction, it has all product knowledge in-house. As a result, it’s possible to take a product’s desired quality into account, in design, but also in production and product support to consumers (before as well as after purchase).

Lenco has its own quality service that continuously guides the design and production process. In addition, products that are ready for production but haven’t entered the market yet, will be thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet the requirements and standards that Lenco thinks is so natural for its end users. During production products are also regularly, randomly, taken from storage to test them against the quality requirements. And if needed, processes will be improved.

Lenco pays much attention to the quality in aftercare as well. Lenco has years of spare parts available for replacement or repairs of its products. As a result, consumers can enjoy their product longer.