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Lenco sees sponsorship as a means to build a lasting relationship with local, national and international communities and to carry out our social commitment.

Lenco has determined a number of criteria for requests for sponsoring:

  • Lenco does not sponsor organizations or events that are related to alcohol, drugs or tobacco.
  • Lenco does not sponsor organizations that discriminate on grounds of religious belief, sexual orientation, gender or political affiliation.
  • Lenco does not sponsor politically oriented organizations or events.
  • Lenco does not sponsor organizations that are closely linked to religion or intend to convey their religious beliefs.
  • Lenco does not sponsor dangerous sports.
  • Lenco does not sponsor individual students, student gatherings of student travel.

Lenco aims to respond to sponsorship requests by e-mail within three weeks. When Lenco makes a decision on whether to sponsor an organization or event, you can not correspond about this decision with Lenco. Sponsorship requests can be sent to