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3D Sound

Experience the new 3D Sound from Lenco: great sound coming from just one speakerbox, regardless of your positioning in the room. Lenco 3D Sound pushes the boundaries of the listening experience to a new level by incorporating Sonic Emotion’s™ proprietary Absolute 3D Sound technology. This technology creates a virtual 3D Sound environment and provides listeners the ultimate listening experience with no calibration or listening “sweet spot.”

Sonic Emotion™ Absolute 3D Sound is the listening experience. This technology uses advanced and sound ?eld control methods that adapt the audio signal in real-time in such a way that the listener experiences a complete immersion in high-quality sound, regardless of his or her position in the room.

The Lenco 3D Sound products are plug-and-play and offer an amazing sound experience, comparable to AmbiSound, Virtual Surround or other state-of-the-art surround sound systems, but without the constraints of sitting position, room dimensions or device positioning and without the clutter of obtrusive speakers and a cables.